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MVA Injuries //

"I was very skeptical initially, but I'm so glad I tried it! I was in a car accident over three years ago and was still experiencing pain in multiple places. I had tried physio, massage therapy and acupuncture, and when none of these were helping at the rate I was hoping I decided to try Bowen after a friend told me how much it had helped her. The first session was very different than anything I had experienced, but I went in with an open mind and walked out with incredible results. Janine targeted exactly the areas that were bothering me and my pain started dissipating later that day. It was amazing! I can't recommend this therapy enough."


- Margaret Torgerson

Releasing Stuck Emotion  //

I recently had an Inner Child EFT session with Janine which was very helpful. She is very professional, compassionate and understanding. Janine has a particularly important skill of "helping the client stay with their uncomfortable feelings" before "jumping to the positive" too soon. She was able to help me continue to return to my emotions, not letting me "escape" before I was ready. This skill was especially important for me in helping me really dig into my uncomfortable feelings and then be able to release them.

Thank you Janine!

- Richard V Dalke, MS

Sciatica //

"I was referred by a friend and I was sceptical but not just Janine’s knowledge but her kindness helped me feel better in relatively short time. I had a deep tissue spasms or sciatica pain and her therapy really made a difference. Highly recommend her. Thank you Janine!"

"First time in 30+ years I have had 3 weeks migraine free days, thanks to your magic"

- Anna Kormány

Neck and Back Pain //

"I have tried several Bowen Therapy sessions elsewhere recently and I can't believe how talented Janine is! I wish I had gone to her first. My tailbone now has so much more feeling in it, the nerve problem in my arm is 50% better and my neck's range of movement is at 100%! I can't reccomend Janine enough. She is lovely too and worth the drive. 🤗"


Adele Kafer

Neck and Shoulder Pain //

I've had chronic neck and shoulder pain that started 18 months ago that significantly reduced my ability to perform simple activities like driving, carrying groceries. I had a few prescription medications that didn't really help and it seemed only complete rest gave me any relief {which is nearly impossible as a mom and business owner}. I was looking for a gentle, non-invasive treatment to help with pain management and thought Bowen Therapy might help. I'm writing this after just three treatments with Janine and I'm back to spending the majority of my days pain-free. I was even experiencing some hip pain before my last visit, and woke up the next day feeling great! Janine is very kind, gentle and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for natural pain relief. Thank you Janine!

- Gayle McLeod

Hip Pain //

... I've been meaning to reach out for you for weeks... My hip has felt SO much better since I saw you! I literally can't believe what an impact it has had already. So much of my pain disappeared to the point of me almost forgetting that I was injured! I would love to come see you for another treatment soon. ...

Thanks so much for everything! "

- Margaret T.

Carpal Tunnel //

"For the last 3 years I have suffered from swollen and sore wrists. It got worse and worse despite visits to my doctor, massage therapist and physiotherapist. Finally, in desperation one day I called Janine Coney. After three Bowen sessions with Janine the symptoms in my wrists have almost completely disappeared. It is over a month since my last session with Janine and I think I have permanently got my old life back where I can do yoga, type, handle weighty or awkward objects and generally use my hands without fear of triggering pain and swelling. My only regret is that I did not seek out Janine 3 years earlier.  Thank you Janine!"

- Gwenda Ellwood

Seizures //

"...Wanted to let you know about a curious thing.


I mentioned to you that after my second session I had a deep, sharp pain between my shoulder blades the day after my treatment. I took an Aleve and it went away. Interestingly, the day after the treatment, my brain fog was not as bad as it had been for the previous two weeks. I put it down to getting used to the anti-convulsant.


The days after that my head fog and general dis-ease in my brainal area was back to new-normal.


After our session on Wednesday, I had that sharp pain between my shoulder blades again. But this time it started about an hour after I got home. I didn’t take a pain killer. The pain only lasted about an hour and once it subsided I realized that my brain fog had lifted, too. I woke up this morning… and i feel normal-normal. I have all day. My focus is almost back to how it should be. My speech has been perfect - no stuttering, no slowness, trying to find my words.


Thought you’d be interested. And Carol insisted I tell you!


xo Donna B."

Post Op Pain and Discomfort //

"...Thank you for your help with Bowen therapy regarding discomfort I have experienced following my operation. The day after my second session I noticed a significant difference in the level of pain I had been experiencing. Not only did I finally enjoy a comfortable sleep that night but arose to discover that simple activities like walking, working around my home and playing with my dog were being done with much less discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that gentle treatment like Bowen could have such immediate results after trying deep tissue massage and physiotherapy which resulted in even more discomfort afterwards.

  As you know I am dealing with a medical condition known as “adhesion” which is scar tissue that develops after an operation. The procedure I had required a large incision. The scarring builds around the different tissues within the body and prevents them from normal independant functioning. This scarring joins different muscles, tendons and other body tissues together which is causing my pain.

When we discussed doing Bowen therapy, I had not heard of this type of treatment before. You told me of the benefits and how this style of treatment works. Your personality and knowledge allowed me to feel comfortable discussing my condition with you. I felt informed of the benefits and what to expect during the treatments which were performed with confidence.

I am looking forward to my next treatment. I felt that you should know how happy I am with your work as I had been in pain for some time now. My dog also wants to thank you as he once again enjoys playing and walks with me."

- Mark Rabey


Back Pain //

"Over the past 14 years that I have known Janine, I have known her to be deeply committed to the path of healing and the healing arts.  She is professional, caring and skilled at Bowen therapy and I have experienced profound “whole being” healing from my sessions with her.  I have been struggling with lower back alignment issues and after only a few sessions, her Bowen treatments have helped me to realign not only physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well and I highly recommend her services."

- Kate S.

Back Issue //

"I had been having back issues for some months when some  friends recommended the Bowen technique.  I wasn't in good shape when I went for my first appointment, having trouble getting on and off the treatment table.  After my first session I was still in pain and felt depleted.  I had the thought "perhaps this is one of those situations where it has to get worse before it gets better."  The discomfort eased a little the next day.  However, I had an up and down week until my next session a week after my first one.  It transpired that my severe reaction to Bowen is rare - lucky me!!  After my second session things were significantly improved and from then on I was well on the path to full recovery.  Despite my rocky start with Bowen  I had no hesitation in continuing with the sessions.  I wholeheartedly recommend the Bowen technique.  Janine is a wonderful, very skilled and caring practitioner."

- Sheila Elliott

General //

"I've had Bowen Therapy before in the past, and so knew what I could expect when I first came to Janine. She definitely did not disappoint. Because of the nature of Bowen Therapy, the treatment has been successful in not only treating the specific issue I had initially come to see her for, but has also helped to ease other areas of the body as well."


- Karen


General //

“Janine is truly passionate about Bowen Therapy. She’s experienced enormous benefits herself, and wants to bring those benefits to others. She combines that passion with an ability intuitively tell what the most beneficial treatments will be. I’ve experienced deep relaxation, centring and embodiment during and after her treatments, as well as rapid shifts with chronic symptoms.”

- Dorothy

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